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The line-up was selected based on great games to play with the rest of the family, whether you’re exacting historic revenge with a game of Scrabble or Monopoly, or looking for something a little more testing but still terrific.

“The board game of our time” according to the Washington Post, this was originally called The Settlers of Catan before it plumped for the shorter, snappier title.

Keep your guests busy and happy with lots of games and activities!

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Buy now Carcassonne, in the south of France, is famous for its impressive Roman and Medieval fortifications, and similarly to classic games like Catan, this a strategic game merging city planning with calculated ruthlessness – as much about scuppering the opposition as it is basking in your own glory.

Hardcore gamers consider this to be a great “gateway game” for anyone looking to explore the wider world of board games.

Highly recommended, and suitable for anyone from eight to 80.

Buy now The word-creation game that needs no introduction, it’s almost considered “criminal” – 12 points – to have a home without it. Buy now As a way to decipher the greed-levels in fellow family members, Monopoly has long been the perfect yardstick, with its ability to start financial grievances that can last a lifetime.

Whether it’s a quick game to prove an intellectual point, or entire weekend marathons during chilly winters, Scrabble is king, and why anyone would play with more than two people is anyone’s guess – yet it is suitable for up to four. Here it’s reimagined for a gaming millennial generation, using Mario, Yoshi et al to collect coins and beat Bosses where top hats and little dogs used to buy properties – whether this is an archly ironic statement, making digital things analogue, or merely a marketing tool, it’s still a fun temporary diversion for those who like their board games to be a little bit kitsch.

Buy now No home should ever be without Scrabble, and The Logo Game and Very British Problems would be terrific fun for the family over Christmas.

Christmas is coming – a time for fun, gluttony, and also probably the only time of the year when your mum will dust off the old board games cupboard and encourage a sherry-glazed game of Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary.

In recent years, there has been something of a resurgence in the social aspect of playing board games – entire cafes are now devoted to the pastime – and the market is full of fine additions to the canon, including rebooted versions of classics of yore.

And now that the playing field has been levelled, the only argument left is whether the little plastic triangles are supposed to be pies, cheeses, or cakes.


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