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I picked up the Chroma Expander a few months ago in Germany.

It was working but I wanted a new power supply and a fan in it because otherwise I get problems in the future ...

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Expected rated count would be a bit higher, given that I've mostly been working off EOY lists, but it checks out fairly well.

" Michael Krewitsky writes, "My company Professional Sound and Music is a thirty year old Service Center and dealership.

We were (and are) a Fender Repair Station dating from the time of the original distribution of the Chromas.

Someone pointed out on Facebook that I hadn't given a single A grade to a new release in 2017.

I think it's safe to say that's never happened before, although the numbers have been declining, especially the last few years: from 2010 on .

"I Remember You" gets things off to a fast start, with Robert's alto sax and Moroni's piano inviting comparison to a match of Phil Woods and Kenny Barron.

This comparison doesn't last, as these musical chameleons refuse to be pigeonholed; a mesmerizing "Lush Life," a driving "Easy to Love," and an emotional take of "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most." The duo also interprets classics from the jazz canon, such as "Stablemates" and Kenny Barron's "Voyage" (which has become one of the most frequently interpreted works of the post-bop era) with the same level of imagination.

The only misfires occur when Moroni makes an ill-advised switch to a Fender Rhodes electric piano, badly dating Jimmy Woode's otherwise swinging "My Kind of World," as well as distracting from the beauty of Robert's lyrical clarinet on "Body and Soul" and a bossa nova arrangement of "East of the Sun." Robert also wrote three of the songs, including the lively gospel-flavored "Blues for Andy," the bittersweet ballad "Missing You," and the Latin-flavored "Pacific Sunset." Both of these talented musicians should command wider audiences as the 21st century progresses.

An occasional blog about populist politics and popular music, not necessarily at the same time.

Several reasons occur to me: the number of physical CDs I've received has been dropping, and I've almost completely stopped buying CDs; I only listen to streamed or downloaded material while working on the computer, and when I do so it's almost something I haven't rated yet.


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