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have said they have been told they are the lost children of Israel.Early reports from North America include reference to Samoset, the Wampanoag chief who walked out of the woods to greet the Pilgrims in almost perfect English.Briefly, can we find possible Esau-ites (Phoenicians) in America in Indian tribal names? Pima is Arabic or Semitic derived from Iberian Punic. that had been converted to the use of the Punic language by Phoenician colonists in Spain, and whose more adventurous members migrated to the Lands Beyond the Sunset under Phoenician leadership.(West)His first attention was to a white leather sun-disk in the Pueblo materials in the Peabody Museum of Archaeology at Harvard University, which had been obtained from New Mexico after a religious ceremony of the Shiwi (Zuni) in 1891.

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Note also Tanith is the Patron saint of Carthaginian sailors.

(Note Dan (Tan) and Esau/ Phoenicia) means the first people. The Chippewa (Ojibwas) and Chippenham are probably variations of the same morpheme seen in Kjobnhann (Copenhagen), which is pronounced almost identically to Chippenham by the Danes.

Nearly as close were certain populations of Ireland, Sweden, France, Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Again, where we find Phoenicians being traced anywhere, Dan was among them.

Absaroke is is the Crow Indian name for themselves.

Rok is a morpheme and is also the snake totem (same as Tribe of Dan).Apache (Dene (Dine) from Dan meaning people (also includes Navajo) comes from apachu which is a derivitive of Ponchteca, a Mayan name for trading people, which is a Zuni word for enemy.Apaches also called themselves Tinde or lnde (a.k.a. They were late comers to America from Asia, from the time of Ghengis Khan's Mongol escapades (1233- 1300) up to the 1400's and even later. The same area of China where the red-headed and white people are buried is a high plateau and mountainous area containing a people (today) who are the best horsemen in Asia and who spend much of their lives on horses. There is some evidence that the Sioux red people were seeded by the Danites Ireland and Scandinavia.Many of the petroglyphs in the deserts of Nevada, California, and Idaho (Wees Bar) are similar to those of North Africa, including the name Mohammed and Koranic religious expressions.Balboa and other early explorers referred to scattered groups of white Indians, black Indians, and traditions of pygmies ..Epigraphers and linguists are learning that Amerindians had writing systems long before Colonial times.


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