Dating with dog lovers

Uncle Pete will be kindly hosting this walk (his second time hosting a walk for us so be very nice to him lovely people 💗) lets go and get lost in the woods at Stamner Park.

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Our group welcomes single folk & their owners welcome too..long as you love dogs you are welcome onboard!

Meet single dog lovers in your local area at Dog Friends, the Free Dating site for single dog lovers.

It's likely to involve uneaven ground so it's a good idea to be wearing appropriate footwear. x Jen To keep things safe and harmonious between the dogs, can I ask that only dogs that are well socialised and generally happy in the company of other dogs join us for the walk. An alternative to online dating - lets get outdoors and have some fun with our furry friends. An opportunity to connect and socialise with other single Doggy loving people for walks, seaside adventures, park walking, romping on the downs, coffee, lunch, pub drinking, picnics, stick throwing, muddy puddle jumping and all kinds of fun adventures with our bow wows/doggies/mutts/hounds/furry friends.

Let's share our love of dogs, nature, make new friends and perhaps even find love!

Whereas cat lovers were a little bit more aloof in their relationships".

The actual numbers show that dog lovers will spend more than twice as much money on a first date then will cat lovers.

Come bark up Dog Friends Date today and meet with other dog lovers in your area today!

Were you looking for an app for single local dog lovers?

Browse single dog lovers and meet new friends today!

No matter where in the world you are, dog lovers are everywhere!

It suggests that dog owners prefer looking at their pets rather than at their partners, at least when it comes to screensavers and profile pictures.


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