Dating at work tips

It's obviously worse if you're interested in someone with whom you work on a daily or regular basis.

But even if they are in a separate department or on a different floor, making sure you're not bringing your relationship with you to work each day adds even more stress. Excelle: 5 Ways To Conquer Self Doubt The Excitement Factor And of course office relationships have a definite positive side: The excitement factor.

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That having been said, at a time when so many of us are holding on for dear life to the jobs we have, or desperately searching for another one, it's not unlikely that you're putting in a little extra time on the job, and regretting how little time you have to further develop and explore your personal life. What will you do if your company's policy forbids inter-office relationships?

But what if that special someone is in the cubicle kitty-corner to yours? The one you run into at the instant coffee machine at least twice a day? As a friend's colleague Eileen shares, "One of the first points of conversation we had was what if we broke up. We wanted to make sure that we remained professional and cordial."Being on the same page about how you'll handle certain key situations — even if they don't actually occur — will, in the meantime, help you and the relationship feel more safe, stable, and secure.

So you have to decide: Is all the fuss and bother worth it to you? One former colleague, Megan, describes her fling thus:"He'd send me long looks in the hall or comment under his breath to me in passing.

"If the person is a coworker, are you prepared to have them as an ex-lover, working on projects, sitting in meetings? Pretty soon, everybody knew something was going on even if they weren't sure exactly what.

Seeing him every single day (boy, did I hate working in an open office then) reminded me over and over again about how much I missed him and how mad I was that he wasn't interested.

I eventually got over it, but it was really rough."Like in business, and regardless of where your love life stands, you can benefit from heeding the advice of others and learning from their successes and failures. As Beatrix would say, "My mom told me to 'Never date anyone at work.' I say, 'Never date anyone at work unless you are in love with them and are best friends with them first!Keeping work professional and keeping what's personal exciting is something most sensible women opt not to put on their to-do list.Excelle: 20 Easy Ways To Be Happier But there's no denying that it can happen.If your company has a policy that forbids them, you're much better off keeping things under wraps.6. What if you threw caution to the wind, had a fling with a coworker, and things didn't end quite as well as you were hoping?Well, now's the perfect time to dig down and remember the advice your mom gave you: Friendship is golden.Dating at work can be dangerous, consider these 6 tips before starting an office fling.


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