Dating a cypriot man

There is quite a number of men in Cyprus who are complete losers.

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Russsian men are worth, thy distroy young people with drogs all over the world to make money.

They earn money on young wimmen with "trafficing" and destroy people with there maffioso.

I love this country even if the pace of life is very different from my own which sometimes can be quite frustrating when i am trying to do things at the pace i am are used to.

As i drive or walk around town i am constantly in awe of how beautiful Cypriot women are !!!!!

Every female tourist i have ever spoken to have complained about the harrassment they have to endure whilst 'downtown' While this can be true, generalizing like this gives a very wrong impression about Cypriots.

Sure, there is a small group of loosers or teenagers that have nothing else to do and they spend every night 'downtown' and many of them do the things that you said.

How many times can you see in Cyprus a married 40-50 year old woman going out alone and trying to hit on much younger guys? (I am not saying that the majority of women do that, I am just saying that there is a big number).

All in all I don't think Cypriots expect ethics lessons from the British.

She is right about quite a few things I also agree with what British man had to say and want to add that it's nice to know that Cypriot women are appreciated for our beauty, we do like to take care of ourselves it was not always this way but now times have changed.

I hope people learned things from the discussions I know I did.

Please, focus on your own people change them before you say something about Cypriots..can't meen that Russian should be better..destroy everything they get in hand [quote="nordic light"]:?


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