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The hero police sergeant from the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting was filmed on hospital surveillance footage violently dragging a woman to the ground and appearing to stomp on her head two years later. Michael Hawkins was caught on cameras forcibly dragging 23-year-old Oy Zhana Williams to the ground after she refused to give him the keys to her car at the University of Colorado Hospital on December 22, 2015.

The woman's boyfriend Blake Newton had just been taken to another hospital by doctors after being shot earlier in the night. Hawkins wanted to seize her car keys in order to examine the vehicle as part of the investigation in to the shooting and became violent when she refused, a lawsuit filed by the woman claims.

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She spent the next six days in jail - missing Christmas with her family and unaware of her boyfriend's condition - before having her bail reduced to an amount she could pay.

In the ten-and-a-half months that followed, she was turned down for a job because of the pending charges.

As seen above (click each to enlarge), two surveillance images were released yesterday by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office showing the officer engaged in the daytime coupling.

And, yes, that appears to be a Chihuahua (or another tiny dog) watching the action.

New Mexico investigators are seeking to identify the uniformed State Police officer seen in surveillance photos having sex with a woman on the hood of a car.

The cop was filmed mid-tryst by a camera that county officials set up to combat vandalism attempts at an adjacent public property.

Eventually, in 2016, the District Attorney dropped the charges against her.

None of the officers were wearing body cams at the time of the incident which came a month before the Aurora Police Department enforced them as part of its policy.

It wrote, in part, “Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have been an exceptional team serving the City of Middletown…since 2007.

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