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After the Americans vacated in 1946,almost immediately hundreds of families, totalling thousands of people moved en masse to the Camp and began living in the tin huts as squatters.

This website tells the remarkable story of Springtown Camp and the families who grew up there.

Wirth had the leading position as the supervisor of six extermination hospitals in the Reich; Hering was the non-medical chief of the Sonnenstein gassing facility in Saxony as well as at the Hadamar Euthanasia Centre.

Christian Wirth had been a killing expert from the beginning as participant of the first T-4 gassing of handicapped people at the Brandenburg Euthanasia Centre.

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According to the Independent, some volunteers believe sexual relationships between aid workers and refugees is 'natural' while others believe it breaks the 'usual codes of conduct'.

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The site near Bełżec was chosen for several reasons: it was situated on the border between the Lublin District and the German District of Galicia formed after Operation Barbarossa. The northern boundary of the planned killing centre consisted of an anti-tank trench constructed a year earlier.


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