escuchar radio futura 91.1 online dating - Battlefield 1943 stats not updating

Why is there no 6-Phoenix loadout for the F-14 Tomcat?

Why do Aegis ships (and others) have empty Mk41 VLS cells in the database?

Why do not newer USN Arleigh Burke Flight IIA ships carry any Harpoon missiles?

The Unit Status panel gets corrupted when I mouse over it. What is the difference between ‘pulse’ and ‘no-pulse’ time compression? How can I specify EMCON settings for individual waypoints? Why are most windows lacking OK and Cancel buttons?

Can you recommend books for information on platforms, weapons and tactics? How can I change altitude from metric to imperial/USM (feet)? How can I specify throttle and altitude settings for individual waypoints? The message log window is gone, how can I get it back?

How can I upgrade to the latest official version of the simulator? Where can I download images and text descriptions for the Database Viewer? Is there a way to simulate Search and Rescue (SAR)?

How can I make my units maneuver, unmask weapons and engage instead of automatically run and evade?

Why doesn’t the F-22A Raptor have a separate Afterburner throttle setting?

Why does the F-22A Raptor have a 480kt cruise speed like most 4th generation fighters?

The F-35A Lightning II supposedly has a Mach 0.9 cruise speed but in Command it is ‘only’ 480kts. Radar types: FCR, target indicator, weapon director, radar illuminator? Why does the Mk214 Sea Gnat Chaff have “surface ships” as valid target? What advantage does New Threat Update (NTU) ships have over pre-NTU ships?

The radar ’Rock Cake HF [PRV-10M] does not seem to be working. Why do most combat aircraft have a 40 000 feet (12192 m) ceiling?

What is the yellow “L0” or “L1” under aircraft symbols?


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