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  1. However, neither of these options are included in the deal.

  2. On December 6, 2011, a cannonball fired during a Myth Busters episode being filmed at the bomb range went off target and damaged two homes and a minivan in a nearby neighborhood. Myth Busters stars Adam Savage and Kari Byron returned to Dublin High School on February 22, 2012 to participate in a moderated panel session at Dublin High School's Engineering and Design Academy Open House during National Engineers Week 2012.

  3. It’s the same with the lithium button batteries that you can find in lots of things, not just toys.

  4. Since Christesen calls into question the process by which Hippias of Elis constructed a framework for dating events in the archaic period, his work will certainly play a role in debates over such topics as the timing of Lycurgus' Spartan reforms and the date of the Pindaric odes.

  5. Since 2016, Teen Vogue has seen substantial growth in traffic to its website; in January 2017, the magazine's website had 7.9 million US visitors compared with 2.9 million the previous January.

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