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So of course we had to ask our staff to weigh in on what their favorite anime comedy is - and their least favorite.

Once you're done browsing our picks, head on over to our forums and let us know what your choices are!

I recognize that isn't the worst made or least humorous comedy out there, and I completely understand why this series has an audience.

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While it might not pack the pure amount of yuks-per-minute that Nozaki-kun delivers, has its own brand of off the wall humor that consistently entertains, a mix of earnest charm and out-and-out weirdness that I can't help but fall in love with.

The key to ABP's success comes with its story and its characters.

It draws its humor less from slapstick and outrageousness and more from demonstrating amusing character relationships and the ridiculousness inherent in the more sappy aspects of heroine.

Every episode has laugh-out-loud scenes in multiples, including some of the funniest jokes I've in in anime in recent years, and it is practically unique in its entertainment value being at least as great to those who despise the genre it's based on as to those who love it.

Taihei spends most of his time cleaning up his sister's messes and desperately trying to impart some wisdom and maturity onto her, only to have her remain the self-obsessed, inconsiderate brat she's always been, week after week.

Sure, Umaru makes some friends throughout the series that help her open up the tiniest bit, but from by the end of the last episode she has not deviated far from being the manipulative, greedy, gluttonous little girl she was in the show's very first moments.

represents a more old-school, throw-the-jokes-out-and-see-what-sticks kind of approach as it parodies everything it could think of, whether it be other anime titles, the industry in general, other Japanese entertainment elements dating back to the ‘70s, or even itself.

(The main character kills the source manga-ka in one early scene for being a despicable human being, for instance.) It even wrapped up with an episode which was specifically intended to be too graphic to show on TV.

I only suffered through the first four episodes, so maybe it gets better, but I couldn't be bothered to find out.


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